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ProcessName of ProductCharacteristics of Product and Applying Fiend
Electroless Nickel PlatingE N FMiddle Phosphorus Electroless Nickel
HIPHOSHigh Phosphorus(P 10~12%) Electroless Nickel
LOPHOSLow phosphorus(P 3~4%) Electroless Nickel(Hv700)
ENF-100Low Temperature Type(65~70℃) Electroless Nickel, Resins and Electroless plating solution optimized for the LCD process
EN8000NB (Ni-B)As nickel boron alloy plating (below 2%), stability and levelling are good a deposited film is excellent in durability of abrasion and solderability. And even though it does not heat treatment, it has equal hardness with hard chromium and is the best product in reinforcing surface of produce which can not do heat treatment
Aluminum DesmutAL-103 / AL-104 / AL-DSTDesmut remover of aluminum and aluminum alloy(Replacement of Nitric Acid)
Aluminum Zincate>Tra coat-ZnTreatment of ZN substitution which plating is possible in aluminum and aluminum alloy
Electroless Copper PlatingLDSELC MPS STEP-1Electroless copper plating is equal and stable within 30 minute and fitted for LCD material of Strike type solution
PROCESSELC MPS STEP-2Stable and high speed electroless copper plating in working for a long time as a buid type (thickness 2.5~3㎛/hr)
ELC-250Electoless copper plating which is appropriate in ABS resins and engineering plastic resinsu
General Alloy PlatingTri Alloy(F), (S)Cu-Sn-Zn(Nikel free) –White color. Preventing Nickel allergy and RoHS can be attached
SN-BL / BTC Sn-Ni / Sn-Co (Black color Alloy plating solution)
Zn and Zn Alloy PlatingZINKEL(Zinc Nickel Alloy) Solution of Zn-Nickel for Alkalinity of cyanide free
ZENTRA-N seriesChromate treatment for Zn-Nickel Trivalent (Black, Colored, Blue)
ZENTRA-Z seriesChromate treatment for Trivalent Chromate (Black, Colored, Blue)
Electric Gold PlatingGC-ST(Acidity Gold Strike Plating Solution)It makes adhesion be good in plating on stainless steel directly and endows high corrosion resistance
HGP-C / HGP-N (Hard gold)It has excellent Color and hardness. which is appropriate in contactor and terminal plating, PCB plating and it is the appropriate product in high speed plating generally
SOFA-100 ( Pure gold)As subacidity plating solution, we can get smooth and matt plating matter and it is the appropriate product in wire bonding as semiconductor, lead frame
Electroless Gold PlatingKNE-GOLD 9000A / 9002AAs using a principle of electrochemical ionized tendency, we can get extracted gold simply and adhesion is excellent and it is the appropriate product in electronic component, PCB, the fixed parts plating (Possible to plating 0.05~0.5㎛)
KNE-GOLD 9001AIt is the appropriate product for bonding of electronic component and soldering as electroless gold plating by returning as autocatalytic
Trivalent ChromateTCPSolution which does Trivalent Chromate Environment-friendly Surface Treatment by the type of chloride, not containing the 6th chrome
After treatmentFC-400EPAs electrolytic after treatment, it is excellent in corrosion resistance and anti-tarnishing method and does not affect on changing exterior of plating by forming passive state film. It is possible to apply in several kinds of plating. (Cr3+,Ni,Au,Ag) Cheap price and improved quality comparing to the foreign product
Anta-100As after treatment which endows excellent electric characteristics to the contact resistance of electronic component such as connector, it is possible to use economically and stably
The othersGPS-100 (Gold Stripper)Product which does not corrode undercoat and can exfoliate gold plating simply by deposition
NPS-100 (Electroless Nickel Stripper)Product which can exfoliate electroless nickel plating layer on copper or copper alloy without corrosion
PT-ActivatorCatalyst treatment type which applies to ABS and engineering plastic
Palla-ActivatorCatalyst of ion type which applies to Copper, Ceramic(Sulfate/Chloride)